How To Install New Winter Tires On Your Car

2 September 2015
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Winter tires are an important and critical part of driving in harsh weather conditions. Winter tires help provide your care with the traction that it needs to cut through the slush and the snow when winter hits. You should install a new set of winter tires before the first drop of snow hits. Installing the tires is easy; you can install a set of winter tires by following the steps outlined below.

To complete this task you will need the following items:

  • Four blocks of wood
  • Tire iron
  • Set of four new winter tires
  • Car jack

1 - Start by matching your car with the correct set of winter tires for your specific make and model. Go into a local auto parts dealer and consult with them to purchase the tires that will work correctly with your make and model of vehicle.

2 - With the new winter tires purchased, you can park the car in a location out of the way of traffic. Make sure that you have ample room to work and the car is completely shut off before you start. Take the blocks of wood and place them under the rear and front tires to prevent the car from rolling when you work on it.

3 - Take the tire iron and loosen the lug nuts on each of the tires, but do not completely remove them from the tire.

4 - Slide the car jack under the body of the car close to the front driver's side wheel. Using the jack, pump up the car approximately six to eight inches off the ground, then lock off the car jack.

5 - Completely remove the nuts on the front driver's wheel and place them in a secure location. Once removed, you can lift off the tire and place it into a storage space in a garage.

6 - Set the new winter tire into place where you removed the old one. Once in place, take the nuts and screw them back on by hand and tighten them.

7 - Lower the car down off the jack and then tighten the bolts again on the installed wheel with the tire iron.

8 - Repeat the process for the front passenger's side tire. After completing that tire, repeat the process on the back two tires.

9 - Once all four tires are installed and nuts have been tightened, you can lower the car off the jack and remove the blocks of wood to complete the job.

If you have any problems installing the new tires you can consult with your local mechanic, who can check to make sure the tires were installed correctly. A professional mechanic will also install a new set of winter tires on your car for a modest fee.

For more information, contact a body shop in North York.